Vitaliy Roud

Vitaliy Roud

Researcher, lecturer

Zagreb School of Economics and Management

I have about 16 years of research, teaching and policy advice experience in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STI), and skills in quantitative and qualitative research to address complex socio-economic phenomena using both traditional and novel data sources.

I am always open to discussing the complexity of STI and the comprehensive context of innovation and development.

My foci:

  • Business innovation studies — innovation strategies, organizational culture for innovation, open innovation, ecological innovation and transformative innovation.
  • Governance of innovation systems, technological upgrading and catch-up, transformative dynamics, path dependence and bounded change, efficiency of institutions and linkages; industry-science cooperation; patterns of innovation behavior, taxonomies of innovation; evidence for systemic and diagnosis-based innovation policy.
  • Measurement of innovation, innovation surveys, composite indexes and scoreboards. Micro, macro- and meso-level indicators to capture firm strategies, development, change, technological upgrading, dissemination of advanced production technologies and organizational practices, impact of R&D and research evaluation.
  • (Micro-)econometrics of innovation and technology, machine learning-enabled studies of innovation and digital trace of innovation.

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  • History of Science, Technology and Innovation studies
  • Open and reproducible research, digitalization of science, novel formats of academic output delivery and presentation
  • Future of computational social sciences and the “digital trace” of innovation
  • Foundations for systems thinking and systems dynamics, mathematical category theory.
  • Critical thinking, cognitive biases. New Rationality. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationalilty.
  • Chinese tea tradition
  • Dr. rer. oec (PhD) in Economics of Innovation, 2018

    Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

  • MA in Economics, 2008

    New Economics School, Moscow, Russia

  • Specialist in Applied Mathematics and Programming, 2005

    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia