Welcome to my professional hub. I am a researcher, policy advisor/consultant, and lecturer with nearly twenty years of involvement in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies (STI). My work centres around unraveling the heterogeneity of innovation. This includes understanding how socio-economic factors interplay with the emergence of new technologies and their impacts on businesses, industries, regions, countries, and communities. I am particularly interested in measuring “unmeasurable” aspects of STI.

My skills lie in meaningful data-driven storytelling. I combine work with theories, concepts and frameworks with in-depth data analysis. I practice microeconometrics, causal inference and computational social science. It allows me to effectively approach both traditional and novel data sources. I enjoy exploring the latest practices for delivering data-driven insights, such as reproducible analytical workflows in R, Python and Quarto.

I’m always ready for collaboration and discussions. If you’re looking to incorporate my expertise into your projects, need lectures about Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies, or simply wish to engage in a conversation, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to connecting with you.

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  • History of Science, Technology and Innovation studies
  • Open and reproducible research, digitalization of science, novel formats of academic output delivery and presentation
  • Future of computational social sciences and the “digital trace” of innovation
  • Foundations for systems thinking and systems dynamics.
  • Critical thinking, cognitive biases. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationalilty.
  • Chinese tea tradition
  • Dr. rer. oec (PhD) in Economics of Innovation, 2018

    Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

  • MA in Economics, 2008

    New Economics School, Moscow, Russia

  • MSc in Applied Mathematics and Programming, 2005

    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia