I teach:

  • Courses covering hot topics in innovation studies: Innovation management, Economics of innovation and technological change.
  • Courses about better using data for informed decision-making: Data and Decisions; Introductory Statistics; Econometrics of Causal Inference
  • Introductory courses to engage newcomers into the beautiy of the contemporary social sciences and economic analysis.

Having had the opportunity to teach at doctoral, masters and bachelors level, and to run professional training workshops, I can offer a variety of educational services. I’ve also had the opportunity to supervise students through their theses and dissertations.

One of the areas I enjoy working on is helping others develop their research skills. This covers mentoring personal research projects, understanding and using different research methods, learning to organize their work effectively, and mastering the activities necessary to successfully complete research with solid deliverables. My aim is to assist individuals in improving their research capabilities in a supportive and easy-to-understand manner.

I have contributed to the design, marketing, and administration of educational programs and participated in EFMD accreditation process (preparing and defending the documents).

I possess a keen interest in Learning Experience Design.